Typical Cuisine in the Province of Lecco

Quality, experience and tradition--these are the characteristics that distinguish the Il Ronco Agriturismo way of cooking. Every dish we serve gives the gift of love to our guests. It is a gift from those who want to present guests with Lombard cuisine's flavors and aromas. For information and reservations, do not hesitate to contact us. The Agriturismo Il Ronco is in Garlate in the province of Lecco, near Strada del Ronco 361.

About Us

Our Products

Our agricultural and farming products make up the biggest portion of what we use in our company restaurant. We welcome our guests in three beautiful rooms: the first, located on the upper floor, offers a magnificent view of the Garlate lake; the second gives a warm and cozy atmosphere brought by the fire that burns in the large stone fireplace; the last room is located outside the building, surrounded by stained-glass windows that allow for a splendid view over all the surrounding area.

During the summer season, you can eat lunch in the open farmyard.

Our Dishes

The raw materials that come to our company table are largely the result of our work: extra virgin olive oil, meats, vegetables, cured pork, fruit, jams and pasta. We pay particular attention to making bread, which is prepared with dough and cooked in a wood oven. Every single product is made with passion and creativity, with full respect for what is in season.
These dishes originate from our study of the local culinary tradition, reworked and integrated with the needs of contemporary taste.
Come and visit us in Garlate at Strada del Ronco, 361.
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