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    A wonderful location nestled in the cove


Agriculture in the Garlate Countryside

Born more than ten years ago on the hills of Garlate, our family farm is known for cultivating olive trees, chestnuts, small fruits, vegetables and old fruit plants. We are also known for the closed-loop farming of Cinta Senese pigs, Brianzola breed sheep, donkeys and farmstead animals, not to mention our brand new honeybee apiary.
Our agronomic project is inspired by integrated agriculture. It builds its roots on the respect and recovery of land, on indispensable interventions for fertile soil yield, on seasonal crop rotation and on the recovery of rustic or indigenous varieties of plants and animals. The following olive types have found their home in the olive grove: Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolino, Bianchera, Leccio del Corno and Grignan.
Our farm also offers its own extra virgin olive oil, in addition to the upcoming production of monovarietal extra virgin olive oil.

Our Products

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Ronco offers an extra virgin olive oil obtained by crushing olives. The oil is collected during the day by means of hand-grinding the olives and then crushing them in the Biosio crusher (LC).
The sensory characteristics offered by this magnificent product are:
  • Low acidity
  • A fragrance of freshly-mown green grass, bitter almonds and artichoke
  • A fruity flavor (light/medium level)

Jams, Preserves and Sauces

The farmstead staff along the Strada del Ronco has always been preparing jams, preserves and sauces with fruits and vegetables from their fields.
The jam is grouped into three types:
  • Classic fruits: Perfect for breakfast and afternoon snacks
  • Fruits from memory: Particular and much rarer fruits
  • Vegetable jams: To be combined with meats and cheeses


The work of our honeybees allows us to offer genuine, sweet-smelling honey with the tastes of acacia and chestnut.


For more information, please write to il.ronco@tiscali.it
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